Monday, October 27, 2014

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Thursday, June 12, 2014


This is Persephone she is the Greek  goddess of springtime and happiness. She is the daughter of Demeter and she is also the wife of Hades.Hades is Demeter brother and he saw Persephone one day and captured her and made her forced to marry him.She was stuck in the underworld with him forever. Another fact about Persephone is that she is the nice of Hades so all of this is sort of a big mess because if that is her uncle then whoa, this is to much lets just go on with the writing.Three characteristics  about her is that she is pretty always in a good{happy} mood, and last thing is that she is really nice to a lot of people, well she was until Hades captured her.

Persephone was a girl that pretty much was just walking along enjoying life and she loved everyone too.Many people believed she was a good person then when Hades took her away everyone was so disappointed and sad and depressed of what Hades had done with their Goddess.Her biggest strength was that she had always been loved by everyone and no one did not like her.Her biggest weakness however was being tricked by Hades like some people she was very gullible.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The virginia beach bums
Where peeps look to get the hottest info.
Edition #8 of summer     date ranges from 6/15-6/21

written by:JULIET-Head Reporter
Clipart - mermaid 2pg.1-The majestic mermaid power that came…….
came to the rock…….Mermaid rock…………

On monday at 2:15 exactly are first victim had seen a mermaid…..for purposes he is not here but what he said was, and i quote,”The thing,the thing that was there was beautiful yet scary in a way.She had a very weird smile and apperance to her.When i asked her what was wrong she just cried and came closer to me.When she came closer to me she said nothing  but at the zap of her fingers,I was gone and tooken to a place i did not know where.Juliet on the VIRGINA BEACH BUMS.              Entered on June 16,2016

                   SNACK  STAND SPIDERS
when most people think of spiders they think of halloween but not in this case.Hi ,this is juliet here with the dish on the newest news,the spider…….Ay apprompextly 2:30, there was reports of small spiders by the snack stand turing into a girl.That girl would thenstart tieing everyone in a spider web.MAny people were concerned that they will not come out if the girl or spider keeps doing this, we have no awnsers for you right now but the beach will be closed on June 24-July 1 for investgation and the snack stand will remain closed until this spider is caught.Im juliet on the virgina beach bums.
Entered on June 20, 2016

Friday, May 2, 2014

Doodle 4 Google

Doodle 4 Google is an program that Google runs for young artists that are entered in a competition to win their picture on a Google home page.Many people enter from grades k-12 and only 50 kids from each grade get chosen.Here is a picture from last year,

So as you an see,you can be really creative to win.The time is now to vote and only until may 9,2014 so hurry up before it is to late.

My opinion is that it is an event that people can show there creativity.
Do you like doodles

Friday, April 25, 2014

In my English class we have been reading the book down a dark hall focusing on the Gothic element of the story.This book was about a girl named kit who was sent to boarding school called Black wood with 3 other girls named Sandy,Lynda, and Ruth.All of these girls had their own dorm room with two keys.These girls had talents Math,Music,Art,and Poetry.All the girls had been amazed that at the turnout of their talents.Black wood brought the best out of them.The founder, Madame Duret, and her son Jules were teachers along with Professor Farley were all in on a scan to use the girls for something. But the question is, what is that something????

My opinion on the book

My opinion on the book is that it was so good!I normally do not go close to anything scary but in this case all I wanted to do was read it. I would recommend this book to a friend because of all of the things that were going on it was so intense but if they are not into books like this they might just change their mind and find than self reading another one of Lois Duncan's books!
Question-What do you think "Gothic" is?
Challenge-Try to read one of Lois Duncan's books one day.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

The NJ Ask is a standardized test that all students in New Jersey have been taking for a long time.This test is given to grades 3-8.And the time is coming up again to take it and all kids have their worried faces on.This is the last year of the NJ Ask and then a new test is coming called the New Jersey Park.Witch is entirely taken on computers,so to make it just a little bit tougher they changed some rules.Teachers can not have their phone in the classroom or all tests will be voided and will be retaken.Also now the children in grades 3-5 have their classes changed and the 6-8 kids have all of their periods changed around.It is crazy how they dealt with these kids.If the NJ Ask just stuck around it would be easier on the kids taking it.

My opinion is that the NJ Ask should be easier on kids. This is making the test Evan more stressful on the kids and when you are stressed you do not focus, not at all.This is reasons why all of this is bad.

Question=What test does your state take?
Challenge=Focus more on things Evan if there's pressure.